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Own or know of an online buisiness in the area of robotics and electronics? Send me the URL of the store and i will list it. If you have a problem with the way i rated your store, please email me right away and i will reconsider.

The following stores were rated for your ease in the following manner :
* = not much ** = good *** = excelent **** = outstanding

Solarbotics ( **** )
Absolutly the best store for any beam robotics builder. This store carries some of the best kits for both the begginer and expert. A littly price on some parts but definetly the best quality. Carries capacitors, resistors, solar pannels, miss items, battary packs, integrated circuits, transistors, motors, and more...

Beam Online ( ** )
If I was rating the site, it would definitely get 4 stars. Ian Bernstein has a small business where he sells robot butterflies ( RoboFLY G4 v4 ) for about $200. If you take a look you will definitely think its worth it. Its not a kit but a fully complete robot. It works on solar power and will keep flapping its wings for years to come. Definitely worth the money!

Jameco ( *** )
I rarely use this company but check it out and tell me what you think. I am pretty sure it's a lot like digikey with acceptable prices.

Digikey ( **** )
Very good electronics site. Carries everything you could dream about at very good prices. It is definetly something to look in to. It has a search tool like most other sites and you will be able to find most things. ( not very good with motors )

Fair Child Semiconductor ( *** )
Another great site when it comes to semiconductors and a lot of other things, once again not too good with motors. It has an incredible archive of data sheets with which you can find out about any part they carry.

Tower Hobbies
( **** )
The absolute best place to get SERVO motors. I have found no better.

All Electronics ( *** )
Awsome place to get surplus motors. Very Cheap. They also carry lots of other cool things such as IR kits, Capacitors, and most basic electronics.

MPJA Online ( *** )

Another good place to buy things for you robot such as motors, and accessories such as video cameras. Check it out, maybe you will discover some thing new.

BG Micro ( **** )
An absolutely awsome store. It carries the legendary bg micro lens motors, the ones everyone seeks. They are great for walker aplications. This store also carries very cheap surplus pager motors. About $1.75, Check it out !!!!

Danaher MCG ( *** )
Over all a good store, carries lots and lots and lots of different motors. I did not find any real cheap ones though. If you find anything good, let me know.

Herbach and Rademan ( *** )
Not much, Carries a variety of things which should be checked out. They have stepper motor controllers, motors, and a few other finished circuits which i recomend checking out.

MECI ( *** )
Not a bad company, has some good producs that should be checked out. I did not really check it out but the first impression is a lot like the one i got from MPJA which is a good company.

Lumex ( *** )
Once again I had no time to check it out, but i think you should. If you liek it infrom me and i will change the note.

Pitsco ( ? )
Doesnt look to bad but i have nevr ordered from here so i have no real notes on this company. If someone could help me out i would gladly change the note.

Micromo ( **** )
Excelent Store! I found some of the best motors and gearhead motors ever in this place. Check it out.

Small Parts.com ( **** )
Very good and high quality products, but they do get pricy. Great place to buy presision gears.

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