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Own or know of a website in the area of robotics and electronics? Send me the URL of the website and i will list it for free. If you have a problem with the way i rated your site, please email me right away and i will reconsider.

The following sites were rated for your ease in the following manner :
* = not much ** = good *** = excelent **** = outstanding

Beam Online ( **** )
An absoluly excelent site. Has got to be one of the best beam sites out there. Ian is an experienced beamer with great ideas and just as many robots. If you havn't already, I really recomend you check it out.

Resistor Color Code Calculator ( **** )
Calculate the resistoance of a resistor with a click of a button. Great! Real easy to use too!

Beam Mailing Archive, the old stuff ( *** )
Read messages from the prehistoric times of beam.

Rigters Nupages ( *** )
Great FAQ page with all of wilfs interesting responces.

Arrick Robotics ( *** )
Haven't really checked it out much. Not saying that you shouldn't...

Basic Beam Robotics ( **** )
A very good site, lots of explanations. It was actually the site that got me in to beam! Excelent. Ivar has lots of great robots and a great mind for building them.

Beam Robotics ( **** )
Great site with some cool robot walkers and a great photovore tutrial whre most beamers start off.

WCRG( *** )

Beam Robotics ( **** )
The site of the official beam robotics games.

WARS ( **** )
If anyone here lives in winnipeg like me, i would recomend joining the winnipeg area robotics siciety. Real cool meetings, and there are always new bots showing up every meeting.

A Millers Microcore Tutorials ( *** )
An excelent site with a few usefull walker tutorials.

BFTGU ( **** )
Real Good site. Check it out.

Beam Art ( *** )
Cool site, check it out for yourself!

Robotics ( *** )
Not really a beam site, but has lots fo circuits which can be used beamwisely ------ ( LOL What kind of word is that? ).

Beam Herectics ( *** )
Lots of cool schematics.

Online Beam Building Group ( **** )
Lots of cool tutorials.

Beam mv Electronics ( **** )
Extremely cool and popular site. Has some of the best robots ive seen. Although not all the robots are beam, you NEED to check this out.

Steve's Robot Page ( *** )
Real cool page. Has and i mean has a large gallery of robots which are wort a look.

Ben Hitchcocks Robot Farm ( **** )
Real cool site, with some amaizing need too see schematics and a nice gallery of robots.

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